an insider's look at digitizing medical records for physicians

Great Expectations – Patients Want More Innovative Access to Their Health Records

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Servicing customers is a basic tenet in any business – most businesses want to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  Customer satisfaction is driven by the ease of access to information.  If information is not available,
the customer,  in this case – the patient,  is not served efficiently.   Open access to information on the internet has reset public expectations about the accessibility of information.   Patients have also transitioned into very internet savvy customers – they can look up their symptoms in medical databases on the internet and are capable of diagnosing their health problems with a great degree of accuracy.  Therefore, when the patient arrives at the doctor’s office,  they expect the doctor to quickly access their health information and that that information will be up-to-date.  Consistent with those expectations,  patients believe that electronic health records are essential for the delivery of high-quality care.  And doctors must strive to meet those expectations by maintaining a well-equipped clinic,  which includes the latest technological advances.

Patients have come to realize that their footprints are no longer restricted to a single file in one doctor’s office.  Many patients have a need for their health record to be accessible by more than one medical professional,  including emergency personnel.  And patients may be more compliant with their treatment if they can access a patient portal and participate more actively in their continuing care.  Patient portals provide a secure platform for communicating with other medical professionals who may be located in other geographic areas.  With more participatory treatment,  patients have the opportunity to correct errors and review their medical history – vaccinations,  lab results,  illnesses,  at their convenience.

There is no doubt that technology has improved the quality and duration of life.  Medicine,  as with any other profession,  must evolve to meet society’s expectations.  Scientific advances and the use of EMRs mean that the doctor’s role is changing rapidly.

Document management is for ALL businesses,  not just large corporations. The advent of the EMR helps doctors help their patients.  RSRS can help doctors capture paper-based patient history and index it for import into any EMR system or as standalone PDF files kept outside of the EMR.  Either way, the files can be  accessed within seconds.   We also offer competitive Day-Forward scanning  for Doctors on EMR.  We will ensure that all information can be fully searched,  retrieved,  viewed,  printed,  and exported.    RSRS can also provide hands-on training to staff in a testing environment to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the application prior to its full implementation.  With record scanning services, you have the benefit of 14 years of medical records expertise.

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