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Pediatric Records – Are There Specific Storage and Scanning Requirements?

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How long should I retain Pediatric Records?

How long should I retain Pediatric Records?


Medical record keeping is one of the most essential aspects of patient care.  When deciding whether to scan your paper records into an EMR,  store them electronically in a separate repository,  or retain them in their original paper format, it is important to bear in mind that the requirements for pediatric medical records retention are quite different from those for an adult. This fact alone, depending on the amount of pediatric patients in your practice, may impact your decision.

RSRS recommends consulting with your provincial College of Physicians & Surgeons as well as with the  Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) for the exact wording of the guidelines pertaining to the particulars of record retention for pediatric patients.

Generally speaking, a pediatric record must be retained  until the child reaches the age of majority PLUS 10 years. This would mean that a newborn’s record must be retained for 28 years. This obligation survives the physician and is passed
on to the physician’s estate.

Due to the lengthy retention period mandated,  scanning the records is the prudent solution.

When consulting with our clients on document scanning,  RSRS generally suggests scanning the records for both active patients,  as well as those for pediatric patients.  By extracting a demographic report from your medical billing system, we can assist you in determining exactly which patients fall into either group.  The active patients are those last seen within the last two (or three) years, while the pediatric patients are those with a Date of Birth that fall within a specific range.

RSRS can scan your records and deliver them in any number of formats.  We can upload them into your EMR, if you have one.  More often than not, we are scanning them into PDF documents which allow our clients to call up independently.  As another alternative, we can upload them into a separate  Document Management System (DMS), which is simply a software application which tracks, stores and allows for immediate retrieval of electronic documents or images. While it  is not specific to medical office application, it lends itself beautifully to one.

For more information about medical scanning for pediatric or other records, day-forward scanning and general conversion, take a look at our website or call us for more information at 1-888-563-3732.  RSRS has been helping physicians, clinics, and hospitals with their medical scanning needs for 15 years – We are the only physician-managed scanning facility and are fully compliant with the rules and guidelines as set forth by provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons as well as by the Provincial Medical Associations and the Canadian Medical Protective Association.

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