an insider's look at digitizing medical records for physicians

Should You Outsource Your Scanning?

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Should You Outsource Your Medical Scanning?

RSRS - Certified File Scan


Management guru Tom Peters, once wrote “Do what you do best and outsource the rest!”

Today, more than ever, companies are focusing on their core functions and outsourcing others to ensure quality and maximize profitability. Consider the function of document management.  Here are some stats Here are some paper-handling statistics provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Captaris. IOMA and Gartner:

The average organization:

  1. Makes 19 copies of each document
  2. Spends $20 in labour to file each document
  3. Spends $120 in labor searching for each misfiled document
  4. Loses 1 out of every 20 documents
  5. Spends 25 hours recreating each lost document
  6. Spends 400 hours per year searching for lost file

Could your staff be utilizing their time on higher value tasks than shuffling paper each day?  Is the time taken up with scanning, filing and searching taking time away from servicing patients?…. How about confirming appointments?  Are the latest reports and consults immediately available to you when your patient comes for the follow up visit or is it sitting in a pile of yet-to-be-scanned incoming papers?

Consider outsourcing your scanning… backfile and day-forward.  RSRS serves as an extension of your office, allowing you and your staff to do what you do best… practice medicine while we make sure that every page of your active patient  records is digitally available for retrieval.  Whether a standalone PDF file or uploaded directly into any EMR system, you can finally say hello to new levels of efficiency.

Fast turnaround.  Up-to-date patient records.  Better patient care.

It’s surprisingly affordable.  Call us today for a free consultation without obligation at 1-888-563-3732.


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