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Why PDF is best for Medical Record Scanning?

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OCR Recognition in PDF

OCR Recognition in PDF


RSRS has been performing backfile scanning (existing active paper medical records) for years.  Today, it is often performed in conjunction or in parallel with when a physician or clinic is moving to an EMR system.  There is the realization that the paper file is still important for ongoing care and the question is whether or not to convert the paper record to electronic and where to put it.

We generally advocate that the active paper (pertaining to current patients – or patients last seen within the last couple of years) should be scanned but should not be uploaded into the EMR.  It’s not necessary to keep there and may even slow down backup and access.  Generally speaking, it’s much quicker to access if you place it on your server or computer to be viewed alongside your EMR.

When called in to perform backfile scanning for our physician clients, and we make our recommendations to SCAN TO SEARCHABLE PDF, as we do in over 90% of the cases, we’re often asked:  WHY PDF?

The reasons are simple, and we’ve put the top 10 reasons here for your reference:

  1. Viewable with a free download (Adobe Reader).
  2. Compatible with both PC or MAC
  3. Totally searchable (patient name, symptom, phrase, keyword string, etc.) with OCR
  4. The search results window even let you do a quick comparison analysis for bloodwork searches.
  5. Searched keywords allow for quick comparison and trend-spotting.
  6. Offers security to prevent deletion, alteration, etc.
  7. Can be marked up without comprising the integrity of the original scan
  8. Can be run side-by-side with any EMR application
  9. Can be used as an alternative to EMR for simple document management, allowing you to append pages to any PDF patient file.
  10. Turns your mounds of paper into meaningful information that can be called up within seconds.

Conversion of paper files is a large, time-consuming task requiring specialized skills and impeccable organization.  At RSRS, we have developed a comprehensive medical record scanning solution to get you on your way to a paperless practice.  RSRS now offers OCR at no additional cost, as well as  a choice to receive your scanned documents burned to a CD/DVD or embedded in our search and retrieval application (if you’re not using an EMR.)  We can also integrate your scanned back-file directly into any EMR system, and scan your important paper still streaming though your practice on a daily basis.

Call us at 1-888-563-3732 for a complimentary demo of the benefits of an OCR-searchable medical record on your own computer and from the comfort of your own office!


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