an insider's look at digitizing medical records for physicians

Is Your Medical Practice “Green”?

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Like most doctors, you’re looking for ways to run your practice more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.

With that in mind, here’s a savvy way to kill two birds with one stone and make your
medical practice more “green” — and save money in the process: scan your medical records.

By converting your paper records to digital format, you’ll eliminate reams of unwieldy paper — and save acres and acres of trees (the rainforest thanks you!).

Instantly, you’ll eliminate  the cost of all that unwieldy, space-hogging paper and do away with associated costs (things like printer and photocopier toner and photocopier maintenance).

Not only do paper-based records occupy space, but they’re much less eco-friendly than EMR, which can be handily stored on computer disks, servers or hard drives that, in fact, need far fewer resources to manufacture.

And the energy saved by creating even a single digital record is a real eye-opener.

Whether converting to PDF records or to a full-fledged EMR, you are definitely making a move into the new healthcare delivery system.  Increasingly sophisticated EMR systems can, over time, provide paperless services such as electronic billing; digital record-keeping; online patient registration; online data gathering and electronic entry by doctors. Eventually, you could say “au revoir” to hand-written prescriptions and applications, and wave good-bye to the costs of printing registration, encounter and history forms.

More trees saved, another thank-you card from Mother Earth.

RSRS is a Canadian leader in document scanning. Our document bureau is outfitted with best-of-breed technologies, to ensure the highest-quality scanned and indexed images, fully verified and delivered back to you promptly.

We work closely with you to understand your paperless goals, and make recommendations based on our experience with clients  in virtually every business and professional sector. Our staff is fully qualified for their specific duties and have all signed appropriate Non Disclosure Agreement forms, to ensure full data protection and confidentiality of our client materials.

Call us at 1-888-563-3732 or visit our website.

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