an insider's look at digitizing medical records for physicians

The “Tipping Point” in Paperless Medical Records

Like much of the world, the medical community is going electronic, harnessing the computer’s digital power to create a lightning-quick, convenient workflow.

Want proof? Look south of the border, where, traditionally, trends begin and, eventually, migrate north, to Canada.

Recently, Kaiser Health News reported that smartphones might hold the key to patients’ medical records. Turns out there’s a computer program called Medicare Blue Button, which allows patients to download their medical history into a simple-text file on their personal
computers and smartphones. It’s then an easy matter of organizing that information via downloadable third-party apps.

The article cited an instance, at a family gathering last Thanksgiving, where the father of a
Maryland doctor was experiencing acute eye pain following cataract surgery. Since the doctor had signed up his father for Blue Button, when the two visited a local doctor to investigate the eye pain, his dad handed the physician his iPhone displaying his medical history — doctors’ names, phone numbers and addresses, as well as medications, imaging studies, lab tests and diagnoses.

Pretty amazing!

Want more proof? It was recently reported that more than half of all U.S. doctors and 80 per cent of hospitals have switched over to electronic medical records (EMR). In fact,
the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services even went so far as to call it
a “tipping point” for EMR technology.

Tipping point, indeed! There’s no denying it. It’s fast becoming a digital world, and any doctor not jumping on the bandwagon will be putting themselves, and their patients, at a disadvantage.

And for those making the move or who have already made the move to EMR, there is still the issue of your backfile paper and scanning.  RSRS is a Canadian leader in document scanning. The professionals at RSRS convert paper documents of any shape or size into instantly retrievable files stored on your computer server.

We can handle your conversion needs, large and small, from pulling staples and preparing your documents, to indexing them and building your archive.  They can come to you embedded in your EMR or as standalone searchable PDF files.

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