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The “Tipping Point” in Paperless Medical Records

Like much of the world, the medical community is going electronic, harnessing the computer’s digital power to create a lightning-quick, convenient workflow. Want proof? Look south of the border, where, traditionally, trends begin and, eventually, migrate north, to Canada. Recently, … Continue reading

Is Your Medical Practice “Green”?

              Like most doctors, you’re looking for ways to run your practice more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way. With that in mind, here’s a savvy way to kill two birds with … Continue reading

Medical Record Retention Rules Change for BC Doctors

        It’s no secret that, beginning June 1,2013, physicians in British Columbia will have to start keeping all patient medical records for a period of 16 years from the date of last visit orfrom the age of … Continue reading

Why PDF is best for Medical Record Scanning?

    RSRS has been performing backfile scanning (existing active paper medical records) for years.  Today, it is often performed in conjunction or in parallel with when a physician or clinic is moving to an EMR system.  There is the … Continue reading

Why Should I Be Scanning My Medical Records?

In his course materials for Assessing Scanning and Capture Requirements, instructor Bob Larivee outlines the results of a survey taken with respect to the biggest motivators to undertake a scanning / conversion regimen.  Virtually tied for first place are the … Continue reading

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Funny Medical Excerpts, Part Deux

  Now that the laughter has subsided after our first installment of Doctor Humour, we now offer you “Part Deux” as promised. Enjoy!  We skimmed through borrowed copies of Gray’s Anatomy and the Physicians’ Desk Reference to bring you these classic … Continue reading

Funny Medical Record Excerpts (Part #1)

  Laughter is the best medicine.  Humour is infectious. The sound of laughter is more contagious than any cough or sneeze. Laughter can trigger healthy physical changes in the body and has the capacity to boost your energy, diminish pain, … Continue reading

For The Love of Paper

What is it about paper that makes doctors feel so comfortable?  Here are some of the most common things we here from doctors who tend to justify their attachment to paper…  “Paper copies aren’t more secure.  “ Yes, we can … Continue reading

Should You Outsource Your Scanning?

    Management guru Tom Peters, once wrote “Do what you do best and outsource the rest!” Today, more than ever, companies are focusing on their core functions and outsourcing others to ensure quality and maximize profitability. Consider the function … Continue reading

Pediatric Records – Are There Specific Storage and Scanning Requirements?

  Medical record keeping is one of the most essential aspects of patient care.  When deciding whether to scan your paper records into an EMR,  store them electronically in a separate repository,  or retain them in their original paper format, … Continue reading